Drupdate #4

This is a log post– not so much of a blog post.  “Drupdates” are where I check in on my meds. Trouble is, I don’t do it often enough and can’t always remember whether I took them or not, and why, and if I had an ‘effictive’ day or not.

This time I’m ‘Drupdating’ and saving the draft of this post over the course of a couple of weeks so I can get a more accurate picture.

If you’re looking for fun and entertaining content, please check out some of my other posts– the ones with titles other than Drupdate.

May 25, ON – Took it after Yoga but before heading home.  Got started after a significant delay which would probably count as an unworthy distraction.   Was pretty focused on goal of clearing out work backlog except for a 45-minute visit from my neighbor to the north,  one I’ve mentioned on various occasions. Must remember to use my ‘Do Not Disturb‘ sign more regularly.

May 26th – ON.  Shopped and cooked and cleaned… made reasonably yummy food but had a lot less time than I imagined I would.

May 27th – OFF kind of forgot , kind of didn’t feel like it.  Saturday.

May 28th. – OFF kind of remembered, kind of just didn’t get around to it.  Did a whole lot of things.

May 29th – ON.  Yes i am

May 30th – ON. Shopped and cooked all day.

May 31 – Off

June 1 – Off

June 2nd – ON – Ran around running around. No ‘work’ but necessary errands.  I accomplished much of what I set out to.

June 3rd – Off. ugh. Just can’t make myself do it on weekends.

June 4th…. hmm…. I think off. Pretty sure off. Was a very busy day, running from event to event. Well, we made it to everything on time.

June 5th – ON BUT I need to write a major blog post about this day because I missed a 9:30 appointment for my kids and now will have to pay $100 in missed appointment fees! Other than that, it was a pretty focused and relatively productive day.

June 6th – ON. I’d say a relatively focused but ultimately disappointing day in terms of productivity.  Then again,  I need to take into consideration that some things are not satisfying in terms of accomplishment, but I have still accomplished them. Like registering the kids for camp… actually I guess it was pretty satisfying.

June 7th – ON.  That’s today. Again, the day goes by so fast, and I really didn’t waste much time, but don’t feel like I got much done. I did learn my lesson, and put up the Do Not Disturb sign– after my first disturbance.  I got to go to my ‘studio’ space for the first time in 2 weeks– but only managed to do it from 6:30pm. Upon reflection, it’s not fair. I should have pressured DH into picking up the kids so I could spend more time on my business.

I think that’s enough days worth of Drupdating.  I’ll post now.


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