Drupdate #2: Where I’m at (Or where I was…)

I found this post in my drafts…

I have no recollection of how it’s supposed to end, but I’m going to go ahead and publish it so that I can write Drupdate #3.  I actually messed up and didn’t make note of when I began this post, but considering the content, it was late January or early February, 2017.

Here goes…

This is post number two in the Drupdate series, where I check in with myself on  how I’m doing on meds, of if I’m even taking them.

I don’t normally take the meds on weekends. That’s part personal decision, part doctor approved.  We agreed I wouldn’t take it on Saturdays, I decided not to take it on Sundays.

I also decided not to take it on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. I did take them today, Thursday. Why?

I’ll work backwards to see if  I can make sense of it myself.

I took it this morning because I only have a short time to be at my desk and accomplish a lot of things, and I wanted to make the most of it, assuming that the meds help me make the most of my day– the jury is still out on that one.

I hadn’t been ‘using’ on the past two Thursdays because I was running a program and I, ironically, wanted to stay focused. I didn’t want to have one of these jittery moments in the middle of giving a lesson. Sometimes, and again I’m not 100% sure it’s because of the drug, I get this feeling in the middle of the day, seemingly randomly, that I’ve drunk way too much caffeine– even when I’ve only had my usual morning cup.

But today I felt pretty relaxed about the program and I didn’t think that the jitters would throw me off if they did come.

Yesterday was funny. I



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