Exciting Times for My To-Do List

I’ve taken a major step today in the evolution of my to-do list.  I added a section. It’s called Followup.

to do list.jpg


I often find that I will take a step towards completing something on the list– booking an appointment, registering for something, or just sending out that initial e-mail to get things moving.  Then I remove them from my list, because the following steps are not up to me– the ball is rolling and in theory the task should get done on momentum alone.

Other times, I will expect that a task is actually complete, but then it will come back to me: An invoice that was never received, a question or comment on something I wrote– and I’m crushed because I haven’t accomplished all that I’d originally thought.

The solution, I hope, is the Followup section. I move tasks in there (this is why my low-tech system is so great– it’s so adjustable!) when I’ve started the ball rolling but kno
w it either is not complete or that I might need to revisit.

As you can see, I have also bought a date stamper. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. Don’t you ever just tire of writing the date? I do.  I guess that counts as a second new development in my unrequitable journey towards hyper organization.

And here’s another new development:

2016-04-01 16.01.28

I know, it looks like  file. And it is.

Before you give me any pitying looks, please not that I’m not new to the concept of  files. I file. I file all kinds of things. This set of  files is different from the other files in my life because they are transitory.  Nothing is meant to be in there for long. It’s a place to put things after I’ve sorted them off my desk– that is, things that I haven’t handled right away.

The file with the longest ‘shelf life’ is the ‘for taxes’ folder.  So I don’t have to dig around the general ‘to file’ box.

The idea is that I won’t forget about he things in the file because they will correspond to something on my to-do list. I started this file a few weeks ago. So far– it’s working pretty well. I’ll keep you posted.



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