Idea Graveyard

The draft folder is where my ideas go to die. I will start writing down some brilliant thought only to be interrupted or to run out of inspiration or to realize that the idea is not fully developed and that I must revisit it.  WordPress says

‘it’s not problem, Doll. I’ll just put it in this nice folder here called ‘drafts’ and you can come and visit it whenever you like.’

It’s all very deceiving. I do visit my draft folder. I read the little teaser lines that are the opening sentences of blog posts-to-be. I decide that my current topic is far more interesting and my cursor wanders over to the little pencil plus button on the top right corner of the screen.

‘Bye bye’ I tell my old ideas ‘I’ll visit you again sometime.’

As my mouse heads north east I can hear the groans and the shrieks of my abandoned thoughts.  Rest in peace.  You haunt me no more.

Word Press promises the possibility of resurrection, but this author knows that ideas need to watch their step and be at the right time in the right place.


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