Lost Time

This morning I have two goals:
I want to work on a site that I’m working on, and I want to complete and application package for a job.

These are the same goals I’ve had since Monday. I don’t have any good excuses. Sigh. I made bad choices this week.  Even though I have more or less successfully consolidated my errands into one day per week for a long time now, I somehow justified it to myself that I should run errands outside the house every day this week.  Which takes up a lot of time, especially since I find that it takes me a bunch of time to ‘warm up’ and get focused. This week I can’t blame my neighbor or the kids or my husband. It’s all on me. I can sort of blame the housekeeper who never showed up.  Housekeeping is a very time consuming task– and I’ve only managed to keep one floor under control.

This morning I decided to forgo my favorite exercise class in order to make up for lost  time. I have been sitting here and working but I’ve been doing stuff I could have delegated. Also, I’m trying to relearn google ads, but for some reason I am getting stuck at the very beginning since I can’t seem to get past the part where they send me an e-mail to verify that I am not a bot.  Durned Hotmail.

Well, the day is sill youngish. I hope to return with better news next time.


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